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2015 Additions

See How They Run - Susan E. Goodman and Elwood H. Smith (J)

Who Was Frederick Douglass? - April Jones Prince (J)

Who Was Christopher Columbus?  – Bonnie Bader (J)

Who Was Betsy Ross? – James Buckley Jr. (J)

Who Was Harriet Tubman? - Yona Zeldis McDonough (J)

Who Was Robert E. Lee? - Bonnie Bader (J)

Who Was Paul Revere? - Roberta Edwards (J)

Who Was Abigail Adams? - True Kelley (J)

Who Was Marco Polo? - Joan Holub (J)

 Who Was Clara Barton? – Stephanie Spinner (JB)

Who Was Theodore Roosevelt? - Michael Burgan (JB)

Who Was Susan B. Anthony? - Pam Pollack (JB)

Who Was Henry Ford? - Richard Burgan (JB)

Who Was Ulysses S. Grant? - Megan Stine (JB)

Who Was Walt Disney?  - Whitney Stewart (JB)

Who Was Abraham Lincoln? - Janet B. Pascal (JB)

Who Was Thomas Jefferson? - Dennis Brindell Fraden (JB)

Who Was Ronald Reagan? - Joyce Milton (JB)

Who Was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? - Yona Zeldis McDonough (JB)

Who Is Barack Obama?  -Roberta Edwards (JB)

Who Was George Washington? - Roberta Edwards (JB)

Who Was Alexander Graham Bell? - Bonnie Bader (JB)

Balance Keepers:  The Fires of Calderon - Lindsay Cummings (SF)

The Only Game - Mike Lupica (F)

I Survived The Great Chicago Fire, 1871 - Lauren Tarshis (F)

New Nation 1784-1812 - Laura Pratt (J)

First Settlers 1492- 1607 - Simon Rose (J)

Discovery up to the 1500s - Pamela Dell (J)

Colonization 1601-1760 - Megan Kopp (J)

Civil War 1856-1865 - Jack Zayarny (J)

Change and Reform 1814-1860- Jack Zayarny (J)

American Revolution 1754-1784- Helen Lepp Friesen (J)

Westward Expansion 1803-1900s - Steve Goldsworthy (J)

Dear Dumb Diary:  You Can Bet on That - Jim Benton (J)

Dear Dumb Diary:  Nobody’s Perfect.  I’m As Close As It Gets – Jim Benton (J)

Dear Dumb Diary:  What I Don’t Know Might Hurt Me - Jim Benton (J)

Teddy the Ghost Dog of Red Rocks - Jerilynn Henrikson (J)

Rush Revere and the First Patriots - Rush Limbaugh (J)

One Direction:  Where We Are Our Band, Our Story  – ID (J)

Barack Obama - Roberta Edwards (J)

Bad Kitty:  Puppy’s Big Day - Nick Bruel (J)

Dear Dumb Diary, Year Two:  School, Hasn’t This Gone on Long Enough - Jamie Kelly (J)

Dear Dumb Diary, Year Two:  The Super-nice Are Super-annoying - Jamie Kelly (J)

Big Nate:  The Crowd Goes Wild – Lincoln Peirce (J)

The Legend of Korra:  Revolution - Erica David (J)

Horrible Harry in Room 2B – Suzy Kline (J)

McKenna - Mary Casanova (J)

Cover-up - John Feinstein (J)

Stink and the World’s Super-Stinky Sneakers - Megan McDonald (J)

Choppers! Susan E. Goodman and Michael J. Doolittle (J)

Frozen - Victoria Saxon (E)

Frozen: A Tale of Two Sisters - Melissa Lagonegro (ER)

Another Monster at the End of This Book - Jon Stone (B)

Journey to the Blue Moon - Rebecca Rupp (J)

The Report Card - Andrew Clement (J)

Welcome to Moldy Manor - Geronimo Stilton (J)

Caught - Margaret Peterson Haddix (J)